This content was originally intended for recruiters in my LinkedIn profile (deactivated in 2023).

Positive influencer, I'm an individual with a strong sense of curiosity and passion. As a hacker/troubleshooter, I'm dedicated to continuous improvement and cross-team collaboration. I tend to use my skills and curiosity to improve various activities, and I'm always glad to bring help in any area. I automate all my recurrent tasks, and love to help people and share knowledge.

I like to learn and discover new ways of solving problems. For example, I regularly attend online courses and conferences to keep up with the latest developments in my field. I take most of my inspiration from existing solutions and best practices (YAGNI, DRY, KISS, SRP, ...).

If something has to be done, I'll try to do it right. With this in mind, I advocate the "slow programming movement," which is all about quality and long-term thinking. I'm picky and I like (and I bring) order, structure, and pay attention to details in everything, because maintenance is most of the work we do and we need to optimise for this activity.

Read more about me and my career goals below. Thank you for your time and consideration 🙂

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Let's Work Together

  • I'm a Senior Full Stack Engineer with experience in technical leadership and solution architecture. I'm seeking freelance opportunities with companies that prioritize collaboration, innovation, and personal development. I value the benefits of in-person collaboration and knowledge-sharing, at least a strong team culture.
  • Please note that I am experienced in Development and DevOps and I'm not looking for pure CloudOps/Infra/System Engineer positions, I'd like to work on DevOps subjects in close collaboration with Developers. I'm not working in isolation and I like to create connections and expand my knowledge on many topics, from design to software development to automation of deployment, including interaction with business and customers. I have a strong interest in AI & machine learning, team leadership, Observability, DevSecOps & automation, game development, genetics/health, ecology, robotics, cybersecurity, data engineering, creativity.
  • As a parent, I value work-life balance and prioritise family time. I'm passionate about solving problems with simplicity and quality, and enjoy using modern stacks and tools that make sense. My resume is available for review, and I only respond to personalised invitations.