What it breaks and what it brings

Changes are not good or bad and not every success means perfection.

Some will revolutionize your habits, your workflow. The good or bad perception of the change depends surely on your own experience, your functioning.

Since recently I've turned my smartphone and laptop screens to grayscale.

Is it any good or better ? Sure, for making everything more boring and fight screen addiction, it helps. I also turned Dark mode on in every app and websites that support it. And even this blog now is turned black & white, for the best I hope.

Changes can break compatibility, readability, harm productivity for instance I had to restore colors just for when my little one watches videos or when I edit some colorful documents we share with my partner. Using Grayscale the web extension on my Brave instance also caused my screen to blink a lot and I had to find an alternative. After a few days of experimenting with grayscale on all my devices, I really enjoy the experience especially in public areas, and I tend to find colorful screens more painful to watch.

Another example is that I use SyncThing with success for keeping my Obsidian in sync between my mobile and my laptops. It worked great at first, but then things mixed up between Obsidian Git based Sync and SyncThing, and I almost lost weeks of work. As a result I limit Git based sync solely to one instance of Obsidian, and also had to tune SyncThing to ignore some changes (similar to .gitignore).

Speaking of Obsidian, I'm recently starting to use Dataview a lot for generating dynamic content in notes with content extracted from other notes. It works super great but cumulating multiple dataviews in a document makes everything quite slow. Yet I'm not giving up on them, with time I'll find solutions.

In the end, it's a matter of tradeoffs, and be able to try, evaluate and adjust to your needs.