What bugs me with tech recruiters.

The "10x Engineer" had become a meme, but some recruiters seem unaware of this.

I was recently surprised to get a job offer for a Software Engineer 2x. I told the recruiter it's legit to also expect the rate/income to be twice the equivalent of any other Software Engineer role.

If you get asked in an interview to perform the same job as any Site Reliability Engineer at Google, isn't legit to claim the same rates as Google provides for this job level ?

My LinkedIn profile mentions the types of job opportunities I don't want to hear about, but some recruiters will try to reach out to me for such job opportunities, and justify this by "I had to try".

When words are not taken seriously, or at least when the implications of those words are not commonly understood, this creates frustration. After a few years spent on LinkedIn, it really feels like more and more recruiters don't care enough, or that hiring is broken.

After I accepted a job offer recently (not via LinkedIn) I decided it was time for me to slowly turn my back to LinkedIn and prevent any recruiter from sending me anything too easily, this way I'll stop wasting so much time, and I don't feel I'll miss so many opportunities.