Quick Bugs, Slow Fixes

The tortuga engineer has good guts but often seems slow compared to the rabbit engineer.

The rabbit engineer is quick at decision and gives impression of progress to the product owner often disappointed with the slow pace of change of the tortuga.

The tortuga is busy battle testing the draft he's about to integrate in the product, suddenly he finds out the new bugs were introduced recently by the rabbit, and decides to postpone his work while focusing on debugging the shit.

In the meantime, the customer complains because of the new bugs introduced in latest release by the rabbit engineer.

The product owner is worried and decides fixing this bug is a priority.

The tortuga engineer was already investigating the bug and proposes a fix.

The rabbit engineer cannot wait for the tortuga to fix the bug and already merges new changes in the stable branch so the new release will not only be bug free but also deliver new quality shit.

The tortuga is busy integrating and retesting all the new changes made by the rabbit as it seems those changes includes critical changes of the core authentication layer and library updates that had nothing to do with the features the rabbit was working on. And those changes break things.

The rabbit becomes impatient at the slow tortuga and decides to create a hotfix and deliver his changes to production.

The customer is still unhappy.
The product owner finds the tortuga slow. and indecisive and is happy the rabbit already can deliver a fix from his machine tonight while the tortuga will be busy with kids at home.
The rabbit says tortuga is not working hard enough.
The tortuga is tortured with all the shit that is being merged in the codebase by the rabbit.
The rabbit says it's time to hire more people and he knows other rabbits who can help and it would be nice if the tortuga worked more like rabbit is doing.

The tortuga suggests to focus on quality and teamwork and slow down but the rabbit and the product owner look at him suspiciously.

The product owner suggests the tortuga to leave the team if he's not happy with the way things are. Because here where we work, speed is important even if results are not perfect.

"fuck this shit man".

A few weeks later, tortuga has left.

The tortuga is working in a good team nowadays, where testing is a thing, quality is under control, documentation matters, and collaboration is a foundation.